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Roof Maxx is the world’s leading roof rejuvenation company, and we can help extend the life of your shingles by up to 15 years. We have compiled a comprehensive FAQ that covers everything from the benefits of our roofing solution to the process of applying it.

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Is the treatment safe?

Yes, this roof treatment 100% safe for people, pets, property, and the environment because it’s an all-natural, food-grade product. The homeowner’s possessions are moved or covered, any overspray is rinsed away with water or rain.

Will this change the appearance of my roof?
As shingles age, their color begins to fade. The treatment rehydrates the evaporated oils, bringing the appearance of the roof closer to the original color.
When should I treat my roof?
Most asphalt roofs begin to show signs of drying out between 6 and 10 years of age. This varies depending on region and the roof’s UV exposure. If you have gutters and are starting to see granules accumulate, that is a good sign your roof is ready.
How Long Does a Roof Maxx Treatment Take?
The size and shape of your roof determines how long the process will take. A typical residential treatment takes 2-3 hours. We start with the roof tune up and then spray the treatment.
How Long Does the Average Asphalt Roof Last?
There are many factors that determine how long your roof will last–the weather, UV exposure, and shingle manufacturer are just a few. Recently manufactured shingles are drying out quicker due to a 30% reduction in asphalt during the manufacturing process.
Can my roof be treated if it has moss?
If your roof has a heavy amount of moss, it must be removed first. Most situations we come across can be remedied the same day. We have several options for dealing with moss and we’ll discuss with you which approach you’d like to use.
How Much Does a Roof Maxx Treatment Cost?
The treatment is generally 20% the cost of a roof replacement. Additional cost factors include roof tune-up and roof cleaning based on the roof’s existing condition. We’ll discuss all options and costs with you before scheduling your treatment.
Where did roof rejuvenation come from?
Simply put, asphalt roof shingles are not lasting as long as they used to. Around the year 2000, shingle manufacturers saw a large increase in the cost of liquid asphalt. Due to this cost increase, they started using 30% less asphalt in the production. Newly manufactured shingles are now less flexible and dry out sooner. Roof Maxx uses advances in bioscience to put a plant-based oil into the shingle, not like seal coating on a driveway, but more like skincare that soaks in. It improves flexibility and gives your roof an additional 5 years of life per application.
What does the 5-year limited warranty cover?
Roof Maxx’s purpose is to maintain your shingles’ flexibility, which is necessary to facilitate daily expansion and contraction. This is not a guarantee against leaks or any other roof related damages. While many factors can affect how long shingles last (such as proper installation or attic ventilation), this limited warranty covers against loss of the shingles’ flexibility, the leading cause of roof failure. Properly applied, this roof treatment is formulated to keep asphalt shingles flexible for a period of five years.
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